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Wed Mar 29, 2017

After Protests, ICE Releases Two Vermont Migrant Activists & Seattle DREAMer

In Vermont, two immigrant rights activists have returned home after being jailed by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents in what local organizers say was an act of political retaliation. Twenty-four-year-old Enrique Balcazar and 23-year-old Zully Palacios are both leaders of the group Migrant Justice. They were arrested by undercover ICE agents in Burlington, Vermont, earlier this month as they were leaving the Migrant Justice office. Balcazar, who is known as Kike, serves on Vermont Attorney General T.J. Donovan’s immigration task force, which was created to respond to the Trump administration’s immigration policies. "There are so many innocent people still in there. There are so many who have their dreams cut short, so many who have families waiting for them at home," Palacios said. "There are so many people we have in captivity, and it’s not fair." A third activist with Migrant Justice, 23-year-old Cesar Alex Carrillo, remains in detention. He was arrested by ICE outside a courthouse two days before Zully and Kike were arrested.

Meanwhile, in Seattle, Washington, lawyers for undocumented DREAMer Daniel Ramirez Medina say he’s been granted bond and will be released later today. He’s been jailed by ICE for six weeks, after being arrested when ICE agents came to his father’s home. He was jailed even though he has permission to live and work in the United States under President Obama’s DACA program.

Organizer: ICE Detention of Immigrant Rights Activists in VT is Clear Case of Political Retaliation

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