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  • Part 2 of our conversation with British political commentator Tariq Ali talking about Britain’s upcoming general election and what impact Monday’s suicide bombing may have on the campaign.

  • Amy Goodman is on tour in California, where earlier this month more than 50 farmworkers in California were exposed to a highly toxic pesticide after it was greenlighted by the EPA in one of the agency’s first decisions since Trump took office.

  • Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials have granted stays to two prominent undocumented residents of Denver, Jeanette Vizguerra and Arturo Hernández García.

  • As part of our conversation with jailed journalist Barrett Brown, we spoke with Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Glenn Greenwald about why he feels Brown’s case marked one of the most significant threats to press freedom in the United States in decades.

  • In New York City, hundreds of people protested House Speaker Paul Ryan’s visit to a Harlem charter school Tuesday.

  • Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Glenn Greenwald unveils his plans to build an animal shelter in Brazil with his husband David Miranda, a city councilmember in Rio de Janeiro.

  • One of the most prominent undocumented students at Rutgers University in New Jersey is facing possible deportation this week.

  • Full interview with prize-winning journalist Anand Gopal, who has reported extensively from the Middle East. He’s the author of "No Good Men Among the Living: America, the Taliban, and the War Through Afghan Eyes."

  • Brazilian diplomat Celso Amorim was once described by the magazine Foreign Policy as the world’s best foreign minister. He served as foreign minister under two Brazilian presidents, mostly recently Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

  • Watch the new video "If I Was President" by the Los Angeles-based Chicano band Las Cafeteras.

  • Amy Goodman is conducting a public interview of renowned professor and dissident Noam Chomsky tonight at the First Parish Church in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Watch the live stream here.

  • Among the thousands who braved the stormy weather and marched on Washington, D.C., as part of the first-ever global March for Science were students, teachers, nurses, researchers and even science fiction writers.

  • Part 2 of our conversation with award-winning reporter Shane Bauer talking about his recent article, "I Went Behind the Front Lines with the Far-Right Agitators Who Invaded Berkeley."

  • The United Nations is warning the risk of mass starvation is rapidly rising in Yemen, Nigeria, Somalia and South Sudan. This comes as the U.S. escalates its involvement in the Saudi-led war on Yemen. We speak to Kathy Kelly, co-coordinator of Voices for Creative Nonviolence.

  • In this web exclusive, we continue our conversation with Damien Echols, who was freed from Arkansas’s death row in 2011. Over the weekend, he returned to Arkansas to protest the state’s plans to execute eight men this month.

  • We discuss the demands of hundreds of undocumented immigrants who are on hunger strike at the for-profit Northwest Detention Center.

  • Full interview with investigative journalist Allan Nairn on Syria, Iraq, Yemen, the need for grassroots resistance against Donald Trump and much more.

  • Full interview with Julian Assange on Democracy Now!, including a debate with investigative journalist Allan Nairn.

  • Part 2 of our discussion with Orville Schell about today’s meeting between Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping at Trump’s Florida resort Mar-a-Lago.

  • Full 70-minute interview with Noam Chomsky on Democracy Now! today talking about Donald Trump’s first 75 days in the White House and much more.

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